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Sean Allen, candidate for Santa Clara County Sheriff Interview with Arthi Abhyanker

Today I interviewed Sean Allen, a deputy police officer who is one of the five candidates running for Santa Clara County Sheriff. This is the first election for sheriff in our county in 20 years. Some of highlights from my talk with Sean was :

* Sean believes that the police department works better with those they serve when they represent the diverse cultures of our area.

* Sean believes that the public should have faster access to body worn camera footage, and it should not be controlled by a select few who can decide when it is used and how. Through this, he believes in fairness and transparency..

* Sean explains that the two issues leading to police misconduct are (1) Poor Leadership and (2) Poor training.

Sean tells about a personal experience he had with police, his journey to becoming a police officer.

Here is the video interview today with Officer Allen:

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