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Why I became interested in body worn cameras in law enforcement and about my goals of this project.

In seventh grade I became aware of body worn cameras watching footage my dad got from of the police about a person stalking our family. Ultimately we got a restraining order after a complicated process. Body Worn Cameras (BWC's) were a integral part of the evidence used before a California judge to help us, and this inspired me to research BWC's and present about them to my seventh grade class. Fast forwarding to my summer before high school, during the height of the many BLM protests and police brutality awareness movements, I decided to start a new project about BWC. For this project, I emailed 400 police departments asking for their thoughts on BWC. I was taken aback by the wide variety of responses and positive feedback from my survey, and summarized it into a presentation and pamphlet that I presented to faculty, parents and students at my school. 

 I realized the law enforcements in California are very isolated from getting their opinion heard to other law enforcement departments, government, and the public. My hope sharing these opinions to work towards taking the next steps instilling and improving BWC's together.

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