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Can AI help with BWC's?

According to Officer Jeffrey Price, Assistant Chief of Police in Collin County Texas, body cameras are currently not very durable and reliable. In order to make them better, Price foresees AI and new technologies help BWC reach their fullest potential.

"Body cameras are not very durable, so we are constantly repairing them. It would also be nice to be able to live view body cameras during major incidents so command can make better decisions. We also need the ability to link body camera footage with dispatch/records management systems in order to automate processes on the back end. I also think artificial intelligence will eventually play a role such as facial recognition and license plate readers for in-car systems. I would also like to see enhanced GPS capability on body cameras so we can keep track of officers that are away from their cars on major incidents. "

-Jeffrey Price

Assistant Chief of Police in Collin County, TX

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