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Regulations for Body Worn Cameras

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

One of my questions asked : What are your counties' regulations on wearing body worn cameras? Some of the primary quotes learned from the police departments responses are…

  • “The only restrictions are that we may not record medical information and we may not covertly record another employee.” - Scott Meadows (Lieutenant overseeing the BWC program) Los Angeles County

  • “No county regulations - these tools are governed by department policies and procedures which can be found on our website.” - Jerry Hildeman (Professional Standards Bureau Lieutenant) Orange County

  • “It is up to each department whether they wear body cameras or not” - Darrn Blevins (Chief of Police) Fresno County

  • “Each agency within our county has their own policies on BWC. We do not have a county regulation with wearing them.” - Megan Samano (Sergeant Professional Standards Unit) Riverside County

  • “There is no regulation” - Todd Fox (Lieutenant) Los Angeles County

  • “We have a policy that prescribes when to activate the cameras etc. Please refer to our website for the policy...” Jamie Knox (Operations Caption of San Leandro) Alameda County

I saw that many of the departments created their rules by either their own departments, cities, and very rarely counties. Some officers directed me to their regulations posted on a website and others don’t have regulations.

More Findings Down Below!!

2020 - Final Report, Law Enforcement Views on Body Worn Cameras in California - Survey of over 100 California cities (1)
Download PDF • 1.20MB

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